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  • Product Name: FST-RH Pressure-proof Outer Pipe Magnetostrictive Displacement Sensor
  • Product Model: FST-RH
  • Product Features: Solid and firm, Oil resistant and anti-pollution; Linear measurement, absolute value output;
  • Product Features1: LED lamp diagnostic function; High accuracy, high Resolution; modular and generalized design, easy to maintain; Noncontact measurement, no abrasion; Low energy consumption, low temperature drift.
  • Applicable Scope: hydraulic control system; piston position; Fan pitch Angle adjustment; Brake Control system;

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Product Features
■ Solid and firm, Oil resistant and anti-pollution
■ Linear measurement, absolute value output
■ LED lamp diagnostic function
■ High accuracy, high Resolution
■ modular and generalized design, easy to maintain
■ Noncontact measurement, no abrasion
■ Low energy consumption,  low temperature drift
Applicable Scope
■ hydraulic control system
■ piston position
■ Fan pitch Angle adjustment
■ Brake Control system
■ Track spacing detection
■ Other mechanical positioning and high precision displacement detection device
Technical Index
Testing Data Position
Testing Range 50-5000mm
Pressure Signal 0~10VDC 0~10VDC(Minimum load of controller: >5KΩ)
Current Signal 4~20mA  20~4mA(Minimum /Max load: 0/500Ω)
Resolution 16bit D/A
Non-linearity ±0.03%FS  ±0.05%FS
Repeat accuracy ±0.001%FS
Updated Time 0.5ms( Travel <1200mm)/1.0ms(Travel <2400mm)
2.0ms(Travel <4800mm)/5.0ms(Travel <7600mm)
Working Temperature -40~+85°C
Humidity/ dew point Humidity 90%RH,Non-condensate
Environmental Protection IP65

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