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Industry Solutions

To provide customization (OEM / ODM) solutions

About us

Firstrate has more than 50 years of sensor development and manufacturing experience, pioneer, innovator and leader in the field of sensors in China

Hunan Firstrate Sensor Co.,Ltd

A high-tech enterprise integrating industrial sensors, intelligent control instruments, IoT perception layer, transmission layer, and platform layer product development, manufacturing and sales. Provide customers with high-end customized sensors and IoT system integration solutions. Products are widely used in aerospace/navigation/military, engineering/textile machinery, oil/gas, HVAC/air conditioning, smart cities, industrial interconnection and other fields.


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Our Mission

Contribute wisdom and strength to the development of smart cities and industrial interconnection.

Corporate Vision

Create a leading enterprise in the perception layer, transmission layer, and platform layer of the Internet of Things.

Enterprise Spirit

Integrity, pragmatism, cooperation, innovation.

Service Philosophy

Responsible for the brand at all times and always satisfy customers.

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Adhering to the corporate mission of "Sunac high-tech, contributing wisdom and strength to the development of smart cities and industrial interconnection"

Good start | Strive forward, fight for 2021
On the eleventh day of the first lunar month, we will have a good start, live up to the spring, and embark on a new journey. I wish all new and old customers a good year of the ox, business is prosperous, and financial resources are prosperous. Let us "run" together in 2021!
Everything in the past is a prologue | "Firstrate 2020 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference" Cloud Live Broadcasting Warmth
Hundreds of boats are competing for a thousand sails, and it is time to ride the wind and waves. Everything in the past is a prologue. The new year is a hope and a challenge. Aspirations are high. Every hardworking employee has infinite possibilities. Fly, the sea is wide and the fish leap, looking at the sky and the sea in Firstrate, this will be the hall of wings soaring, and you can rise one step in your career to ninety thousand miles in the sky!
Firstrate 2021 Spring Festival holiday notice
Thank you all for the trust and support you have given to our company in 2020. On the occasion of the 2021 Spring Festival, all the staff of Firstrate wish you a happy Chinese New Year. To celebrate the Spring Festival, our company will be on holiday from February 7 to February 21. Hope You know.

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