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  • Product Name: FST800-3051LT Intelligent Liquid - level Transmitter
  • Product Model: FST800-3051LT
  • Product Features: functional enhancement, with self-diagnostic ability;
  • Product Features1: Zero adjustment and range adjustment do not effect each other; In accordance with HART Portocol, digital communicate with domestically prevalent handheld device; Nonvolatile memory is installed in the transmitter;
  • Applicable Scope:

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Production introduction
The FST Capacitance Differential Pressure transmitter is based on the new advanced digital production technology. Digital circuit is adopted instead of analog signals to amplifier circuit and A/D conversion circuit, which improves the measurement accuracy. standardized mounting structure design, easy to install. The sensitive diaphragm has a one-way overload protection function,the maximum withstand pressure is 320 bar,and is featured with high reliability and good longterm stability.
FST Capacitive Intelligent Differential Pressure Transmitter build-in a high-performance digital circuit which carefully desighed the working condition of RFI & EMI resistance and the surge voltage. It has the characteristics of strong RFI & EMI resistance, wide power supply range and polarity protection, meeting IEC, CE(EMC) requirement.
Intelligent digital temperature compensation circuit store the corresponding temperature calibration value in the chip. when the sensor affected by temperature, it compensates automatically, which solve the problem of temperature drift, and improve accuracy and environmental suitability. It is widely used in electric power, water conservancy, metallurgy, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other industries.
Product Features
■ functional enhancement, with self-diagnostic ability
■ Zero adjustment and range adjustment do not effect each other
■ In accordance with HART Portocol, digital communicate with domestically prevalent handheld device.
■ Nonvolatile memory is installed in the transmitter
■ Good stable performance, high accuracy. Adustable damping, strong unidirectional overload capacity resistance
■ No mechanical components, easy maintenance, strong resistance to vibration
■ Universal Components, interchangeable sensor and circuit, easier maintenance
■ Optional wetted parts, explosion-proof housing
Technical Index                                  
Measuring Mdium Liquid、Gas
Testing Range Range4   0 - 6.2~37.4kPa 
Range5   0 - 31~186.8kPa
Range6   0 - 117 ~690 kPa 
Range7   0 - 345 ~2068 kPa 
Accuracy ±0.1%FS ±0.2%FS ±0.5%FS
Output Signal 4~20mA  4-20mA superimposing HART
Supply Voltage 24VDC(12VDC~45VDC)
Medium temperature -40~ + 100°C
Storage temperature --40~ + 85°C 
Working Temperature -40~ + 85°C 
Temperature Effect ±0.02% FS/°C
Mechanical Vibration ±20g
Damp adjust Time adjustable 0.1~16.0 seconds
Environmental Protection IP65
Pressure Connection M20*1.5(male) 1/2NPT (female) 1/4NPT(female)
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