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Sensors Help Construction Machinery Intelligence and Environmental Protection Upgrades

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With the rapid improvement of China's construction machinery manufacturing technology, the application of sensors in construction machinery is more and more common, such as position sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, etc., which play a key role in the performance of engineering machinery components and complete machines. 

pressure sensor

Through sensor technology to optimize engineering machinery engines, hydraulic systems, construction machinery manufacturers and suppliers can more effectively solve some key problems in the construction site, such as operator fatigue and skills, work safety and accuracy, wear and tear on equipment , downtime, reduced emissions and higher fuel efficiency requirements.

pressre transducer

Assist engineering machinery to accurately control and realize intelligent collection

It is understood that the application of sensors in construction machinery mainly includes three aspects: one is the control of engine working conditions; the second is the control of hydraulic system; the third is the control of the overall performance of engineering machinery.

temperature sensor

The sensors used in construction machinery for diesel engines are of the following types: position sensors for fuel injection mechanisms that control air flow diaphragm sensors; pressure sensors, including pressure sensors for fuel pressure and oil system oil pressure; for diesel engine speed control Speed ​​sensor; sensor for measuring fuel level and oil level and temperature sensor for controlling temperature.

The hydraulic transmission system plays an important role in the transmission of modern construction machinery. It is not only used in the main working mechanisms, such as the excavator's excavation mechanism transmission, the vibratory roller vibration mechanism, but also in the modern engineering machinery walking system, steering system. And a large number of applications in some servos. The sensors used in the hydraulic system mainly include a temperature sensor that controls the temperature of the hydraulic oil; a pressure sensor that controls the pressure of the hydraulic oil; a flow sensor that controls the amount of leakage and flow; and a liquid level sensor that controls the level of the hydraulic oil.

tempetaure transducer

The working environment of construction machinery is relatively harsh. In order to improve the safety and work performance of the work, it is necessary to effectively control the overall performance of the machine. The sensors used in this aspect mainly control the main working mechanism and the brake system wear detection sensor. a limit-limit balance sensor for controlling the pass-through of the machine; a control overload pressure sensor for loading mechanical overload; a distance sensor for controlling the thickness of the paver; a temperature sensor for temperature control of the material of the mixing station; Temperature, humidity, and light quantity sensors controlled by conditions such as temperature, humidity, and illumination in the cab of the construction machinery cab.

Improve the energy efficiency of fuel to help save energy and reduce emissions

As the smog weather in China has become more widespread, the state has introduced a series of policies including addressing the problem of vehicle emissions. At the same time, as oil prices become higher and higher, how to improve the energy efficiency of fuel and achieve savings and energy-saving effects are increasingly serious problems faced by enterprises or organizations. In order to improve the energy efficiency of fuel, in addition to the efforts of oil manufacturing and transportation companies, optimizing the powertrain, engine or gearbox is also an important direction, there will be a lot of room for development.

level measurement sensor

In order to meet the requirements of the new generation of emission regulations, the electronic control system of the relevant engineering machinery engine needs to be controlled more precisely, which requires the use of more sensors, such as camshafts and crankshafts, which can play an important role in the engine. Realize energy saving and emission reduction.

wind speed and direction sensor

From the just-concluded 2019 China (Changsha) International Construction Machinery Exhibition, we learned that some leading enterprises in the industry have applied smart manufacturing to product development and manufacturing, and created a series of 4.0 intelligent products through the Internet of Things, big data. , mobile Internet, deep integration of sensing, interconnection and other technology to connect equipment, enterprises and customers, and constantly explore innovative business models, to achieve a leap in products on the Internet, data in the cloud, the market in the palm of intelligent manufacturing and quality revolution.

load cell

In the future, sensors will make a significant contribution to improving the reliability, service life and intelligence level of construction machinery. Hunan Firstrate Sensor Co.,Ltd.is dedicated to supply more reliable sensors and service for more and more construction machinery. Any question, please feel free to contact us.

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