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Based on MEMS, designed by advanced glass micro-melting and sputter film processing technology.

Adopts imported core, built-in digital circuit, featured with strong RFI & EMI resistance.

Sensitive element is PT100 or PT1000, 316L stainless steel probe. Featured with RFI & EMI resistance and surge voltage.

FST magnetostrictive level sensor is composed of measuring bar, electronic warehouse and non-contact magnetic ring.

FST Liquid-level transmitter is designed for diving level measurement. The sensitive element is the MEMS diffused silicon core.

FST flow measurement series includes intelligent electromagnetic flowmeters, vortex flowmeters, and turbine flowmeters.

Based on Hall Effect, featured with strong RFI & EMI resistance, meeting ICE,CE(EMC).

FST load cell uses metal resistance strain gauge as the measuring bridge, achieved rapid and accurate measurement of objects.

Display mode of controller: LED, LCD, beams, carefully designed the working condition, meeting IEC, CE(EMC) requirement.

Widely used for monitoring environmental temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, illumination, carbon dioxide, air quality, rain and snow and etc.

Developed for the IoT application environment, all suitable for battery power supply methods and periodic power supply working methods.

FST wireless measurement series is mainly divided into: GPRS, LORA and other transmission modes of a series of sensors.

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