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Magnetostrictive Displacement Sensor

Magnetostrictive Displacement Sensor

Magnetostrictive Displacement sensor is composed of measuring bar, electronic warehouse and non-contact magnetic ring set on the rod. Magnetostrictive wire (Waveguide wire) is installed in the measuring bar which is made of non-magnetic stainless steel and can well protect the waveguide wire. Electronic circuit in the warehouse produces an initial pulse while it is transferred. And it produces a rotating magnetic field which goes along the waveguide wire. When the rotating magnet filed meet the permanent magnet, magnetostrictive effect is produced, the waveguide wire is twisted which can be perceived by identifiable mechanism and transferred into corresponding reset pulsed. The displacement can be accurately tested according to the calculated time difference between initial pulse and reset pulsed. (the same as Radar Ranging Principle)

The magnetic ring of FST Magnetostrictive Displacement sensor is noncontact design, which is non-abrasion and noiseless during the testing process, and can reduce the product loss, improve it's service life, meet the demand of long-term work and needn't to calibrate.

  FST Magnetostrictive Displacement sensor is a new generation of sensor. It can provide timely, reliable, accurate, continuous linear displacement measuring in harsh environment. It can be applied in m equipment, wind power generation, engineering machinery, rubber machinerry, port machinery, injection molding machine, new energy and other industiral automation industries.


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