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Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor

The sensitive element of FST Temperature is PT100 or PT1000 platinum resistor which is installed in 316L stainless steel probe. When the probe touch the tested medium, the resistance value change in a linear way as the temperature changes.
FST temperature sensor build-in a high-performance digital circuit which carefully designed the working condition of RFI & EMI resistance and surge voltage. It has the characteristics of strong RFI & EMI resistance, wide power supply range and polarit protection, meeting IEC, CE(EMC) requirement. It adopts precise switching circuit which transfer the resistance signals into standard current, voltage or digital signals.
FST temperature sensor is smart. Its probe and connector are made of 316L stainless steel, the shell uses high technology of laser welding. The whole structure can meet IP65 standard(max can reach IP68). It is featured with rapid response, high accuracy, and good longterm stability, etc. The products can be widely used in liquid/gas temperature testing. It mainly used in aviation, military project, engineering machinery, automotive system, HVAC.

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