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Differential Pressure Sensor

Differential Pressure Sensor

The FST Capacitance Differential Transmitter is based on the new advanced digital production technology. Digital circuit is adopted instead of analog signals to amplifier circuit and A/D conversion circuit, which improves the measurement accuracy. Standardized mounting structure design, easy to install. The sensitive diaphragm has a one-way overload protection function, the maximum withstand pressure is 320 bar, and is featured with high reliability and good longterm stability.
FST Capacitive Intelligent Differential Pressure Transmitter build-in a high-performance digital circuit which carefully designed the working condition of RFI & EMI resistance and 
the surge voltage. It has the characteristic of strong RFI & EMI resistance, wide power supply range and polarity protection, meeting IEC, CE(EMC) requirement.Intelligent digital temperaure compensation circuit store the coresponding temperature calibration value in the chip. When the sensor affected by temperature. It conpersatesautomatically. which solve the problem of temperature drift, and improve accuracy and environmental suitability. It is widely used in electric power, water conservancy, metallurgy, petrochemical, environmental protection and other industries.

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