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Pressure Sensor

Pressure Sensor

Characteristics of FST Pressure Sensor Based on Microfused Silicon Strain Gauge Technology
Leading technology
The pressure sensor based on the MEMS (Micro Electronic Mechanical System) technique adopts the international leading Mircofused Silicon Strain Guage technology and is featured with the advantages of high output sensibility, stable performance, reliable batch production, and good repeatability, etc.
Advanced technique
Through above 500 °C high temperature, silicon strain gauge is sintered on top of 17-4 PH stainless steel sensor elastomer by the anodic bonding of a glass cap . The pressure, applied on the backside, is converted to electrical signal. Through the digital compensation of amplifier with microprocessor and the digital software intelligent temperature compensation, it outputs the standard signal . The sensor digital circuit carefully designed the working condition of RFI & EMI and the surge voltage. It has the characteristics of strong anti- interference capability, wide power supply range and polarity protection.
Reliable Structure
The pressure chamber uses the imported integrated processing 17-4PH stainless steel, without weld seams, O-ring, and is free of leakage risks. The overload capacity is 200% FS, burst pressure is 500% FS, and adapt to overloaded high pressure.
Features of FST series Pressure Sensors
  • Microfused under 500°C, good longterm stability 
  • 17-4 PH stainless steel,  without weld seams, O-rings, and free of leakage risks 
  • advanced digital temperature compensation, wide working temperature scope
  • High accuracy, high frequency response, good long-term stability
  • Excellent resistance against impact, overload, shock and erosion
  •  Efficient lightning protection and strong anti RFI&EMI protection.
  • Overload pressure 300%Span,burst pressure 500%Span
  • adopt to high-pressure overload, max range can reach 6000Bar

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