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  • Product Name: FST700-301 Capacitance Water-level Transmitter
  • Product Model: FST700-301
  • Product Features: strong tolerance to pollution, precise control; Strong interference resistance and shock resistance;
  • Product Features1: Surge, over-current and polarity resistant circuit design.
  • Applicable Scope: Liquid-level testing in water tank and water tower; The detection of water drainage system;

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■ strong tolerance to pollution , precise control 
■ Strong interference resistance and shock resistance 
■ Surge, over-current and polarity resistant circuit design
Applicable Scope
■ Liquid-level testing in water tank and water tower
■ The detection of water drainage system 
■ Automation control in water treatment system 
■ Engineering machinery industry 
■ Automobile industry 
■ Liquid-level control in industrial process
Technical Index                                    
Signal Output PNP/NPN
Signal Line Specification 3wire
Supply Voltage 9~30VDC 
Alarm Position According to the mounting position
Pressure-tolerance 40bar
Medium Temperature 0~+120°C
Medium Compatibility Various media compatible with the 316L stainless steel
Environmental Protection IP68
Wetted Parts 316L
Connector M20×1.5  G1/2

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