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  • Product Name: FST200-211 Digital Wind Speed Alarm Controller
  • Product Model: FST200-211
  • Product Features:
  • Product Features1: Working aloft testing and control;Engineering machine testing and control;Port and wharf environment testing and control;Other industrial automation about wind speed testing and control.
  • Applicable Scope:

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■ Adjustable buttons on panel, easy to set in the filed
■ Protection circuit for strong anti RFI & EMI 
■ Contact capacity: 1-2 set Relay contact output, 10A/220VAC 
■ Built- in Relay, early warning and alarm function
Applicable Scope
■ Working aloft testing and control  
■ Engineering machine testing and control 
■ Port and wharf environment testing and control 
■ Other industrial automation about wind speed testing and control
Technical Index                              
Wind Accuracy ±0.1m/s
Testing range 0-50m/s
alarm control Early warning :Yellow LED twinkle,the buzzer  ring intermittently
Alarm:Red LED twinkle, the buzzer ring continuously,  Relay contact action
Working Environment Temperature: -20°C~+60°C 
Humidity ≤80%RH
Contact capacity 1-2set Relay contact output, 10A/220VAC
Power 12VDC  24VDC   220VAC 
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