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  • Product Name: FST700-201 Capacitance Liquid-level Transmitter
  • Product Model: FST700-201
  • Product Features: Precise linear and temperature compensation; Adjustable damp output time;
  • Product Features1: Strong interference resistance and shock resistance; Surge, over-current and polarity resistant circuit design; Applicable for various non-conductive liquid.
  • Applicable Scope: Liquid-level testing and control in industrial process;

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Product Introduction
FST700-201 Capacitance Liquid-level Transmitter  adopts a coaxial container, the capacitor consists of two coaxial electrodes: inner and outside electrodes. The capacitance  between the sensor housing (outside  electrodes) and sensoring electrodes (inside electrode) changes when the oil (liquid) is filled into the container, it output standard current, voltage, or digital signals. It can be used to testing various non-conductive liquid. 
Product Features
■ Precise linear and temperature compensation
■ Adjustable damp output time
■ Strong interference resistance and shock resistance
■ Surge, over-current and polarity resistant circuit design
■ Applicable for various non-conductive liquid
Applicable Scope
■ Liquid-level testing and control in industrial process
■ Oil-level testing in automation gas tank, oil tanker, oil depot 
■ Testing and control of  other non-conductive liquid
Standard Range                                   
Pressure Range(mm):300 500 700 1000 1500 2000
Probe diameter (mm): Φ16,Φ12
Technical Index
Analog Signal Output 4~20mA    0~5VDC      0~10VDC
Signal Line Specification 2wire       3wire         3wire
Supply Voltage 9~30VDC   9~30VDC     15~30VDC
Digital Signal Output RS232/485 MODBUS PROFIBUS CANBUS
Supply Voltage 12~30VDC 
Accuracy ±0.3%FS  ±0.5%FS  ±1%FS
Zero Drift ±0.05%FS/°C
Thermal Sensitivity Shift ±0.05%FS/°C
Longterm Stability (1 Year) ±0.1%FS
Frequency Response (-3dB) Typical:40bar(Max:300bar)
Probe Temperature Resistance -50~+200°C
Medium Compatibility Various media compatible with the 316L stainless steel
Environmental Protection IP65
Wetted Parts


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