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  • Product Name: FST800-211 Universal Industrial Pressure Transmitter
  • Product Model: FST 800-211
  • Product Features: Advance Microfused Silicon Strain Gauge, whole-designed elastomer, free of leakage troubles;
  • Product Features1: Efficient lightning protection and strong anti RFI&EMI protection; Advanced digital temperature compensation and wide working temperature scope; High sensibility, high accuracy, high frequency response and longterm stability.
  • Applicable Scope: Industrial process testing and control; Automatic testing system; Hydraulic and pneumatic systems;

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FST Pressure sensor can be used in the pressure testing in Pneumatic System, hydraulic system Meet the needs of the aerospace, defense, engineering machinery, automobile industry, air conditioning, refrigeration and other industrial facilities.
Product Introduction
It  is a silicon MEMS strain gauge sensor which is glass bonded to a stainless steel diaphragm. It avoids influences on product caused by temperature, humidity, mechanical fatigue and medium, thus to improve its longterm stability in the industrial environment. Its pressure chamber is made of 17-4PH stainless steel in an integrated way without welding seams or O-rings and free of leakage troubles. The sensor adopts the advanced digital Compensated Temperature and is featured with the strong interference resistance, wide working temperature scope and longterm stability, etc. The series products provide several optional pressure connections and electric connections for customers.
Product Features
■ Advance Microfused Silicon Strain Gauge, whole-designed elastomer, free of leakage troubles
■ Efficient lightning protection and strong anti RFI&EMI protection.
■ Advanced digital temperature compensation and wide working temperature scope
■ High sensibility, high accuracy, high frequency response and longterm stability
Applicable Scope
■ Industrial process testing and control
■ Automatic testing system
■ Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
■ Pump station and water treatment system
■ Industrial machinery manufacture
Standard Range
Pressure Type: gauge pressure  absolute pressure  sealed pressure
Pressure Range(bar):1 1.6 2.5 4 6 10 16 25 40 60 100 160 200 250 300 400 500 600
Pressure Range(psi):15 30 50 75 100 200 300 500 750 1K 1.5K 3K 5K 10K
Technical Index
Signal output 4~20mA    0.5~4.5VDC  0~5VDC      0~10VDC
Signal line specification 2wire       3wire        3wire         3wire
Power Voltage 9~30VDC   5VDC       9~30VDC     15~30VDC
Accuracy ±0.1%FS  ±0.3%FS  ±0.5%FS
Zero Drift ±0.02%FS/°C
Thermal Sensitivity Shift ±0.02%FS/°C
Longterm Stability (1 Year) ±0.1%FS
Frequency Response (-3dB) 3.2kHz
Compensated Temperature -20~+85°C
Working Temperature -40~+125°C
Storage Temperature -40~+125°C
Overload Pressure 300% FS
Burst Pressure 500% FS
Mechanical Vibration ±20g
Impact (11ms) 100g
Environmental Protection IP65
Housing Parts 17-4PH
Electromagnetic compatibility EN61000-6
Certificates CE   RoHS   
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