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  • Product Name: FST600-202 Integrated Temperature Sensor
  • Product Model: FST600-202
  • Product Features: Easy to install, several optional testing range;
  • Product Features1: Dual use for gas and liquid, used to various material compatible with 316L stainless steel; Several optional linear analog signal; Quick response, high accuracy; Good longterm stability, low energy consumption,smart.
  • Applicable Scope: Pipe and ventilation systems: Hydraulic and pneumatic systems; Cooling and heating systems;

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Product Features
■ Easy to install, several optional testing range
■ Dual use for gas and liquid, used to various material compatible with 316L stainless steel
■ Several optional linear analog signal
■ Quick response, high accuracy
■ Good longterm stability, low energy consumption,smart
Applicable Scope
■ Pipe and ventilation systems
■ Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
■ Cooling and heating systems
■ Water supply and water heating systems
■ Air-conditioning systems
■ Automation system temperature mensuration and control
 Standard Range                                  
 Testing range(°C):-50~0;-50~50;0~50;0~80;0~100;0~120;0~150;0~200;
 Installation Mode: Inserting
 Depth of Inserting (mm): 50mm (typically, beyond the screw threads); custom-made available.
 Probe Size(mm):Φ6,Φ8
Technical Index
 Sensor   Pt100  or  Pt1000
 Signal Output   4~20mA    0~5VDC      0~10VDC
 Signal Line Specification   2wire       3wire         3wire
 Supply Voltage   9~30VDC   9~30VDC     15~30VDC
 Accuracy  ±0.1%FS  ±0.3%FS  ±0.5%FS
 Pressure Resistance   Typically 40bar (Max300bar) 
 Longterm Stability (1 Year)  ±0.1%FS
 Response Time   T=50°C 2.3s;T=90°C 5.4s
 Electric Protection   Reversed Polarity and Overload Protection and Optional Surge Protection. 
 Ambient Temperature   -40~+85°C
 Storage Temperature   -40~+125°C
 Housing  316L stainless steel 
 Wetted Parts   316L stainless steel 
 Environmental Protection  IP65
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