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  • Product Name: FST800-224 Intrinsic-safety Industrial Pressure Transmitter
  • Product Model: FST800-224
  • Product Features: 4-20mA output with HART protocol optional;
  • Product Features1: digital temperature compensation and nonlinear correction technique; Self calibration of zero point and full range; User can calibrate it by keys on panel; Meet requirement of Exia II CT6 Ga intrinsic safety.
  • Applicable Scope: Hydraulic and pneumatic control systems on explosion-proof occasions;

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Product Introduction
 FST800-224 Intrinsic-safety industrial pressure transmitter is a high precision, high stability product with kinds of optional parameters and LCD displayer, It is with HART protocol optional. Users can manage or calibrate parameters through computer or keys on panel. It is very easy to operate.
The product uses the latest digital technology in the field of sensor, combined with the advanced technology of pressure transmitter, precision digital temperature compensation and nonlinear correction technique. It is designed with the reliable intrinsic safety circuit and standard signal output. It is with characteristic of high accuracy, wide range scope, and is suitable for pressure testing of fluid.
It is two wire, it can replace pressure transmitters of two wire analog output directly.
■ 4-20mA output with HART protocol optional
■ digital temperature compensation and nonlinear correction technique
■ Self calibration of zero point and full range
■ User can calibrate it by keys on panel
■ Meet requirement of Exia II CT6 Ga intrinsic safety.
Applicable Scope 
■ Hydraulic and pneumatic control systems on explosion-proof occasions
■ Petrochemical and natural gas control systems
■ Chemicals and chemical industry
■ Light industry, Metallurgical industry, and machinery
■ Other Industrial Automation and Process Control and testing systems
Standard Range                                  
Pressure Type: gauge pressure  absolute pressure
Pressure Range(bar):2  4 5 10 16 25 40 60 100 160 200 250 300 400 500 600
Technical Index
Signal Output  4~20mA   Hart (Optional)
Signal Line Specification 2wire       
Display LCD displayer
Supply Voltage  12-28VDC (24V recommended) 
Accuracy ±0.5%FS  ±1%FS
Zero Drift ±0.02%FS/°C
Thermal Sensitivity Shift ±0.02%FS/°C
Longterm Stability (1 Year) ±0.1%FS
Frequency Response (-3dB) 3.2kHz
Compensated Temperature -20~+85°C
Storage Temperature -40~+105°C
Overload Pressure 150% FS
Burst Pressure 200% FS
Mechanical Vibration ±20g
Pressure connection M20*1.5 or customized
Electrical connection Direct lead
Environmental Protection IP65
Housing Aluminum alloy with ex-proof function
Explosion-proof Grade Exia II CT6 Ga

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