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Electronic Pressure Transmitters and Transducers Market Set For Rapid Growth And Trend, By 2023

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  Electronic pressure transmitters and transducers’ market can be segmented on the basis of end user industry such as the oil & gas, automotive, semiconductor, aerospace, power, alternative energy, water, HVAC, pneumatics/hydraulics and the process industries. In oil and gas sector, these products are being installed in onshore, offshore, and subsea environments. Pressure equipment are used for hydraulic drilling pressure downhole, rig safety, flow line pressure, additive metering pumps, subsea injection valves, well clean outs, pipeline monitoring, as well as in product such as gas compressor and storage tanks. Well service companies are using pressure equipment for hydraulic fracturing, nitrogen pumping, steam injection and coiled tubing, among others. Power generation is another major sector where these products are being used in gas flow measurements, turbine balancing, steam pressure measurements, and micro-turbines for standby power. The flexibility and technological edge provided by the pressure instruments have made them suitable to be used in industries such as wind, hydrogen, solar, methane, and bio-fuels industry. As the application areas of pressure transmitters and transducers are numerous, the demand in this market is expected to increase in the forecasted period. However, huge investments are incurred in research and development required to make them at par with the advancing technology used in industries. This act as a major restraint for such electronic equipment’s market.
  The markets for electronic pressure transmitters and transducers are expected to benefit significantly from the matured industrial and commercial markets of North America. The pressure transducers form a key component of the engine of an automobile as it monitors and regulates the oil and coolant pressures during acceleration of the car. Such process helps in achieving suitable speeds when accelerator or brake is pressed. The enhancing automotive sector of Mexico is expected to result in development of the markets for electronic pressure transmitters and transducers. Furthermore the superior technologies of the computer device and mobile phones with touch screen displays also use such pressure transmitters and transducers. The pressure transducer senses and converts the applied pressure by fingers and accordingly produces electrical signals that inform the processor. The U.S is one of the largest markets for such devices. In Asia Pacific region, such markets are projected a high growth in the years to come. The strong manufacturing bases, huge capacity additions, and the increased oil and gas exploration activities of China and India are assumed to demand for pressure transducers and transmitters to guarantee improved performances of such appliances. Thus, the increasing demand for such products tends to push their market evolvement in these nations. The growing offshore production activities in Brazil and Africa are also estimated to demand for the electronic pressure transmitters and transducers. Especially the requirement for the pressure transducers is likely to grow as they help in the estimation of the ocean depth and other marine conditions to make certain that the operating electronic devices are safe.

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