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Exhibition Review--Firstrate in SENSOR CHINA Expo & Conference 2017(Shanghai)

Number of visits: Date:2017-09-15
SENSOR CHINA Expo & Conference 2017,(short in SENSOR CHINA)is the first professional exhibition focusing on sensor application、 technology and system solution in China, and it has attracted the attention of the industry for the first time.Firstrate as sensors well-known brands were invited to attend the exhibition in China, with the global companies gathered in Shanghai, representative sensors in cutting-edge sensors on nearly 7000 square meters exhibition hall products, technology and innovation application solutions.
  On the exhibition Firstsensor not only demonstrated the style of Firstrate person, and fully shows the our advanced technology and products, attracted a lot of old and new customers coming,Firstsensor after more than 50 years of development, in the aerospace/navigation/military industry, engineering/textile machinery, automobile/iron and steel industry, energy, petrochemical, rail transportation, hvac, medical equipment and other fields have rich experience, also won the listed company and many well-known enterprises at home and abroad long-term cooperation.  
  Our achievements are hard-won, and we cherish them. We will as always, provide high-quality sensor products and professional, standard, meticulous and thoughtful service, continuous innovation, promoting the industrialization of sensor, be a pioneer and innovator and leader in the field of sensor in China!

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