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Urea sensors of Firstrate have been put into the market

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  Recently, Strategy Analytics market research services released a new study that by 2016 automobile sensors will rise to 3.7 billion units, market value would reach $16.8 billion, its growth drivers is that the manufacturers have been planning the improvement of car safety, emissions reduction and fuel economy improvement, in order to meet the compulsory requirements of the government.
  To this development trend, Firstrate through the unremitting efforts independently developed the SCR exhaust gas purification system urea sensor series and urea box series. SCR exhaust gas purification system takes the use of urea solution and NOx to reaction, generating the none-pullution nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O),  effectively reduce the harmful gas production, meet the requirements of environmental protection laws and regulations.
  The urea liquid level sensor of Firstrate applied the principle of dry reed pipe, adopt import stainless steel, plastic raw materials, effectively solve the corrosion problem due to the urea solution. The heat pipe using the integrated forming structure, no leakage hidden trouble; large area of thermal conductivity, thawing fast.
  The urea box of Firstrate is used to store SCR exhaust gas purification system of the urea solution, it supports the use of urea sensors. Urea box is used by the high strength engineering materials, it’s with resistance to impact, friction resistance, alkali resistance of liquid corrosion etc. The customers can choose different colors of urea box or shapes according to the vehicles. 

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