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Weighing sensor common failure of the table number of erratic

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Weighing sensor is the weight of the electrical signal into the output device, which is the main application of resistance strain, electromagnetic force balance, vibrating wire, piezomagnetism, gyro and fiber, etc., in commercial and industrial weighing and weighing systems, widely used Resistance strain gauge load cell, load cell common failure a lot of erratic dial data and analysis of the causes and failures are as follows:

1, whether the mechanical installation part of the touch;
Solution: sit real mechanical installation part
2, cable damp, junction box water;
Solution: You can use dry hair dryer;
3, cable wiring bad or broken;
Remedy: Rewire
4, the sensor insulation resistance decreased (<200MΩ);
Solution: with a multimeter were measured color line, shielded wire with the sensor surface
5, the sensor surface charged;
Solution: measured with a multimeter, through the system ground to solve
6, the internal circuit failure;
Solution, check for the existence of Weld, bad circuit devices

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