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Glossary of Terms for Pressure Sensors

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1, the standard pressure
Standard atmospheric pressure prevail, less than atmospheric pressure called negative pressure, greater than atmospheric pressure called positive pressure.
2, the absolute pressure
Absolute vacuum is the absolute pressure.
3, the relative pressure
The magnitude of the pressure compared to the standard pressure.
4, atmospheric pressure
Standard atmospheric pressure (1 atm) for mercury column height of 760 mm.
5, the vacuum
Refers to the pressure below the atmospheric pressure state.
6, the detection pressure range
Refers to the sensor to adapt to the pressure range.
7, can withstand the pressure
When the pressure is restored to the detection pressure, its performance does not decrease the pressure.
8, round-trip precision
When the pressure is increased or decreased at a certain temperature, the pressure fluctuation value at the operating point obtained by removing the pressure value at which the output is inverted is measured by the full scale value of the detected pressure.
9, precision
When a zero pressure and a rated pressure are applied at a certain temperature, the value obtained by removing the value deviated from the output current by the full scale value is used.
10, linear
The analog output changes linearly with respect to the detection pressure, but deviates from the ideal straight line. The value of this deviation, expressed as a percentage of the full scale value, is linear.
11, hysteresis (linear)
The value obtained by removing the maximum value of the absolute value of the difference from the full-scale current (or voltage) value is hysteresis.
12, non-corrosive gases
Refers to the air containing substances (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.) and inert gases (argon, neon, etc.).

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