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Wind Speed and Direction Sensors used on Mobile Crane

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Mobile cranes, are the most common types of crane used in the construction industry.All mobile cranes should be fitted with anemometers or other wind speed monitoring devices.

wind speed monitoring devices used in mobile crane

The FST200-201 wind speed sensor of Hunan Firstrate Sensor Co.,Ltd.is widely used in engineering machine testing and control.

wind speed sensor from Hunan Firstrate Sensor

Product Features
♦ Excellent resistance against impact, overload, shock and erosion 
♦ Small and exquisite, easy to take, simple to install 
♦ Alloy material finish, reasonable structure design and nice outlook quality 
♦ Stainless steel Wind cup, anti-wind load can reach 70m/s
♦ low wind start
♦ Surge protection design
FST200-201 wind speed sensor
FST200-201 wind speed sensor

FST200-201 wind speed sensor

About Hunan Firstrate Sensor Co.,Ltd.
Hunan Firstrate Sensor Co.,ltd is a high-tech venture specialized in researching, manufacturing, and sales of sensors and transmitters. Our products include Pressure sensors and Transmitters, Temperature sensors and transmitters, Liquid-level sensors and Transmitters, Wind Speed & Direction sensor, and Intelligent Control Instruments. They are widely used in the field of aviation & aerospace, national defense & military project, engineering machinery, railway & urban railway system, automotive electronics system, HVAC, air compressor, textile, petrochemical, coal mines and other industrial automation control.
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